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Topherchelle's 2012 Year In Review

Please enjoy these photo highlights from our year.

For Michelle's birthday in March, we went to the SF zoo (All of Chelle's birthdays involve animals). Chris's birthday in July was spent in Reno Casino, but there are no pictures of that.
With Chris's bad back, he looks for any place he can find to sit down while Chelle stares at animals.
As a 2011 Christmas present to ourselves, we went on a family weekend getaway. The venue of choice was Six Flags, Vallejo. Again, involving animals.
Bocce Ball was a fun family "sport" we did a couple times. Old and young can enjoy it together, as once we played with Chelle's grandparents from Oklahoma, both in their 90's, but still great at bocce. We took it quite seriously, it was boys against the girls!
As a New Year's resolution, Chelle went on the HMR diet. She lost 50 pounds! On our fifth anniversary in May, her wedding dress was three sizes too big! At the end of the year, she had kept it off and is still eating healthy!
Chris has adopted poker as quite a serious hobby. He plays in a weekly tournament at a local card room and blogs about it. When inspired, he hosts the occasional home game with his co-workers.
In July, Chelle took delivery of her new Lexus RX Hybrid. Her first new car ever!
Chris took a master BBQ'ing class in June, and spent the rest of the summer putting his new skills to good use. He's mastered ribs, chicken, and salmon, and recommends the "Butt Rubb" they sell at BBQ's Galore.
Grilling makes for a great time spent on our new front patio (build in 2010).
We visited Chris's Mom in Santa Barbara several times this year. She turned 84 in October!
Chris got to take Chelle to all his favorite Santa Barbara spots, like Hendry's Beach where he spent his childhood body surfing and boogie boarding.
On one occasion we brought Chelle's friends Andrea and Christine with us to Santa Barbara, who were visiting from New Jersey.
Our big vacation this year was a road trip to Yellowstone. Setting off for a 3000-mile trip with a dead battery (we left the trailer plugged in over night) didn't bode well, but the rest of the trip was trouble free.
The road trip started with four nights camping with friends in Oregon, where we went boating, had lots of campfires, checked out Crater Lake, and took in a play at the Oregon Shakespeare Festival in Ashland.
And when we finally made it to Yellowstone, we spent most of the time in the car viewing wildlife and thermal landscapes, But also managed to get out on the bikes a couple times. The jersey may say Alaska, but we're actually in Yellowstone.
You can't do Yellowstone without making a pass through Grand Tetons National Park. 2000 miles in, and the 4Runner was still running like a champ. This would be it's swan song trip as it would be sold soon after we got home to help pay for Chelle's new Lexus.
And on the way home, we passed through Park City where Chris's brother and his wife spend their summers. They showed us how to get out and pretend we are real olympic athletes in training.
Hey, the Wyett family is all looking somewhat color coordinated. Let's take a group photo!
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