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Topherchelle's 2013 Year In Review

Please enjoy these photo highlights from our year.

Chris had his eight-year anniversary with Aplia (part of Cengage Learning) this year, the longest stint at any job in his career. In January, Aplia celebrated ONE BILLION student answers received with its online homework technology, so we had a big party with cake, champagne, and chotchkies. Chris is very proud to work in the field of educational technology and loves the team he has worked with for many years. For more pictures of "Aplians", click here.
Michelle celebrated a milestone birthday this year. The big, um... 37 again! (that's her favorite number). Well, the cake said 37, but we all know the truth. It'll be three more years before she has a "3" in her age again.
As a goal for Chelle's big four-oh, she set out to train for the Solvang Half Century (50-mile) bike ride which took place on her birthday weekend. Sure, 10 years ago it was the Solvang FULL (100-mile) century, but times have changed.
Nonetheless, Michelle enlisted Chris and we both trained diligently with a local bike club all throughout the winter months. We completed the goal! Chris was a wreck by the end, but Chelle finished strong.
When springtime arrived, we embarked on our backyard (a.k.a the doggy's bathroom) remodel project. We replaced the fence, planter box, and added eco-friendly synthetic grass. Now Michelle has a whole new space to beautify with plants, which is her current obsession. Oh what fun! At this point we think we're done with major home improvement projects for a while. Our remaining ideas are wild and cost-prohibitive.
On July Fourth weekend, we hitched up the camper trailer and made our second annual trip to Oregon to meet up with our friends from Seattle. Teak and Baker got to go with us this time and we all had a great time lounging around the campground, hiking, and boating.
A week later, Chris got to have his dream birthday weekend! Why was it his dream? Because he got to plan it all and Michelle went along! Our destination was Sacramento, which you might not think of as a vacation destination, but Chris found the best it had to offer. We went jet skiing on Folsom lake, we got a luxury room at Thunder Valley Casino Resort, Chris got to play lots of poker and even won a poker tournament. To top it off we saw a Huey Lewis and the News concert which made Chris feel like he was in high school again. The Heart of Rock 'n Roll is still beatin'!
Summer time was capped off on Labor Day weekend when we had visitors from the east coast, Michelle's friends Andrea and Christine. We took them to Tahoe for their first time. The Yosemite fire smoke didn't stop us from enjoying the outdoors with some more hiking and boating.
Of course, it wouldn't a good year without lots of quality family time. Among our many gatherings this year were a trip to Santa Cruz for Michelle's Mom's birthday, complete with a nice dinner at Shadowbrook in Capitola...
...and a few trips to Santa Barbara where Chris's mom and two of his siblings still live.
Well that about sums it up for us in 2013. Michelle, Chris, Teak, and Baker would like to wish all our friends and family a joyous and prosperous 2014! If you enjoyed this page, please say hello in our guestbook. | contact | admin
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