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Chris and Michelle's 2018 Year In Review
December 2018
Hello Family and Friends,
We wanted to wish you all Happy Holidays and share some highlights from
our year. This year, we’re saving money, time, and the environment by
going electronic with our holiday letter instead of postal.
Our big vacation this year was a family trip to Maui, Hawaii! The whole Wyett Six
traveled to celebrate Michelle’s parents’ 50
wedding anniversary. Hawaii is
always beautiful and relaxing, but this time we got some extra excitement by
being there during the threat of Hurricane Lane. Things closed down and some
activities were cancelled, but in the end it was nothing more than a little rain and
wind and a lot to talk about.
Apart from Hawaii we also enjoyed some short trips to Yosemite, Joshua Tree,
Idylwild, and Las Vegas with other friends and family. And we’re acquired a
new truck and travel trailer this year for more “glamping” fun.
Health and Fitness
Chris continued his diet and exercise program (started in Sept 2017)
throughout the year. He completed several 5K runs and bike rides this
year, including rainy 50-miler in Solvang, a ride around Tahoe, and a 100-
mile (century) ride in Davis. His weight is down about 70 pounds from when
he started.
Unfortunately, exercise sometimes leads to bad results, too, and Chris is
spending his December recovering from rotator cuff surgery that was
brought on by overzealous weight lifting.
Michelle doesn’t favor the running and long-distance cycling goals as much
as Chris, but she goes with him on shorter rides and promotes frequent hiking
with the dogs. Inspired by the documentary “Forks over Knives”, Michelle
adopted a Vegan diet early this year and has stuck with it. She has improved
her blood test numbers and feels great! And she has several new favorite
restaurants and cookbooks, including Millennium in Oakland where we spent
her birthday.
Our jobs are both still going well, 13 years now for Chris at Aplia (Cengage)
and 10 years for Michelle at Ensenta (Jack Henry and Assoc.). We especially
enjoy the work-from-home lifestyle and staying off those darn freeways. But
since we don’t see our co-workers much in the office, we like to have them
over for summer pool parties in our back yard.
In Loving Memory
Sadly, we said goodbye to Michelle’s paternal grandfather this year. He was her
last surviving grandparent and enjoyed a wonderful 95 years, with 4 children, 10
grandchildren, and 17 great-grandchildren, most of whom we got to see at his
memorial service in Oklahoma.
Our animals are all happy, healthy, and getting along with each other most
of the time. Gilly (4) still has the energy of a puppy. Baker (12) is getting old
(lazy) and sometimes hitches rides on our hikes. Willow (2) is the sweetest
lap kitty ever, and also helps keep the rat, mice, and bird population at bay
around the yard.
That’s about it for us. If we haven’t see you lately, we miss you! If we have,
we are very grateful.
…Chris, Michelle, Baker, Gilly, and Willow.

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